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It is time that their contributions be respected and valued as examples of dignity and defenders of life. Later, the evolution of the political situation and the emergence of different perspectives on the struggle for human rights brought about the appearance of new groups like the Relatives of Guatemalan Disappeared. What began with mutual support and making accusations grew to encompass the investigation of massacres, being present at exhumations, and the demand for justice and compensation. Nanci was also the youngest participant in NIMD’s Ladies’s Political Rights conference, held in Tunisia in 2017. She discovered it enriching to study from participants in such an international atmosphere outside of her country.

The statistics reveal significant issues with access to education which disproportionately affect girls. Drop out rates in the rural and indigenous population is dramatically high. Guatemala ranks 112th out of the 135 countries world-wide in gender equality, making it the most gender unequal country in Latin America. A donation from GMB has meant that the Guatemalan trade union SITRABI (the Izabal Banana Workers’ Union) has been able to provide care packages to a group of 20 women, considered most vulnerable as single mothers and heads of households.

  • Personal information about the participants is collected on study forms and stored in REDCap, as previously described.
  • The program aims to guarantee women’s rights by empowerment, specifically social mobilization and advocacy to ensure women achieve their full potential, in which women are able to take part in the economy through work and in decision-making processes.
  • Really significant has been the participation of several women and indigenous organization in preparing Cairo +20, Beijing +20 and the Post 2015 Development Agenda.
  • Many families support or encourage migration because they assume the remittances will act as buffer between their family and extreme poverty.

Despite the authorities’ continued search for Siekavizza’s body in various cemeteries across the country, no trace of her has ever been found. As Guatemala recovers from the destruction of schools during the civil war, the number of people who can read is increasing.

When a woman presents herself at the GGM office, the organization’s representatives go with her to the registrar of births, deaths and marriages to verify whether her marriage has been recorded. When there is no record of it, GGM turns to the college of lawyers so that the situation can be remedied and the woman can receive a document that she can submit to a judge.


In 2011, 15 women survivors of Sepur Zarco—now respectfully called the abuelas —took their case to the highest court of Guatemala, with the support of local women’s rights Dating Guatemala City organizations, UN Women and other UN partners. Under the presidency of Álvaro Arzú, the Guatemalan peace accords are signed, ending the 36-year-long conflict.

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She later rejected her elite status and became a labor and civil rights activist in the United States. Many of the women also endured being abandoned by their husbands as a result of the rapes.

Mérida hoped to develop a new audience and an appreciation for his native culture through such modern images. Guatemala has been through a lot of upheaval as a country in the past century. Throughout this turbulent time, women have emerged as inspirational leaders. While there have been some major steps forward that have created the conditions for women such as the Sepur Zarco abuelas to be empowered and to speak up, with actual judicial consequences, there is still a long way to go, and there are still sectors of society that remain voiceless. As the article has shown, the problem of gender-based violence in Latin America is one that needs continued international attention and immediate action. This will help in shedding light on such barbaric practices, and in finding ways to overcome them. Rape used as a weapon of war in the Americas can be traced back to colonialism, when Europeans started conquering the newly discovered West and imposing their patriarchy and their views onto Indigenous people.

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The nurses have a model arm with an implant in it that women can palpate, contraceptive pill packs, sample intrauterine devices, and condoms, so that over the course of their antenatal care women are able to touch and visualize different contraceptive methods. Our final strategy for achieving adequate participant enrollment to reach our target sample size is to offer enrollment to all women at their Madres Sanas postpartum visit who meet our inclusion and exclusion criteria. Because these are routinely available medications and we are not testing their effectiveness as contraceptives, there are no criteria for discontinuing or modifying allocated interventions for a given trial participant . Women are, however, screened for contraindications to the contraceptive methods provided using the Medical Eligibility Criteria .

However, there were no differences in the HSCL-25 scores or sub-scores, in the total self-efficacy score, or in the engagement in infant stimulation activities score. The cumulative number of activities was used as a continuous variable for analyses. Only women who had a child under 2 years old participated in this questionnaire.

Endocannabinoids and endocannabinoid-like compounds [endocannabinoid metabolome ] are endogenous lipid mediators derived from long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. Based on animal models, it has been proposed that endocannabinoid arachidonoyl glycerol plays a role in establishing the suckling response during lactation.